Presentation at WordCamp Victoria – January 12th – 2013

Did you know 76% of small businesses don’t have a social media plan? 

Some stats from a *recent survey:

  • 31% do not use social media & have NO plans to in the next year
  • 25% do not yet use social media & plan to START using in the next year
  • 20% are currently using social media in an ad hoc, informal way
  • 24% use it in a structured and strategic way (i.e. have a plan)

Do you have a social media plan for your small business? Have you already spent time “doing social media” but haven’t seen any results? Are you wondering if you’re wasting your time?

If you don’t have a plan for your social media marketing yet – this session is for you!

We will cover:

  • The importance of being clear on your marketing message & your ideal target market BEFORE you start building your community online
  • How to assess your current online presence & how you compare with your competition
  • How to know which social networks are a fit for your ideal audience
  • How to create a plan of action which will include: Goals, how you will measure success, which social platforms you will use, tactics for each platform AND a plan for content creation, curation & sharing
  • Time management: How to set yourself up for success – some effort now will save you much time later!

I am so excited to be presenting at WordCamp 2013! I look forward to seeing you there!


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*From a survey of 550 small businesses in March 2012 by SMB Group across 18 different industries including non-profits.