Business Networking on LinkedIn – Beginner Online Course
Live Classes – Small Group Size (8 people max.) – For Professionals & Business Owners in Canada and the US

Your Instructor: Juhli Selby, based in Victoria, BC, Canada

All courses are delivered online using Zoom video conferencing.

The next ‘Business Networking on LinkedIn’ course starts Wednesday, May 4th, 2022

4-week course – May 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th, 2022  – Wednesday afternoons 2pm-4pm Pacific time via Zoom Video Conference

This course will be offered again in Fall 2022.


Course Description: 

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network online. There are 800 million+ global members – more than 18+ million in Canada, and 180+ million in the US. It’s so much more than just an online resume for job search. It’s a living, breathing, local & global networking tool that allows you to build your credibility, increase your visibility, and connect with opportunity!

Why should you invest the time to build a professional network?!? No one is successful alone. We all need help to accomplish our goals. Whether you’re focused on promoting your personal brand or your business, you can build a community of connections who can help you on your journey. And you can give back to your community by sharing your expertise, experience, and connections.

On LinkedIn you can; stay in touch and top of mind with past & present contacts, find clients or referral partners, meet new people in your industry or who share your professional interests, connect with mentorship, education or volunteer opportunities and so much more. Learn how to set your LinkedIn profile up for success, and how to find and connect with relevant people to build a quality network.

We’ll cover mistakes to avoid, what & how often to share, effective use of private messages, how to promote your business in a non-spammy way, tips for time management, privacy settings & more! Learn how to take a strategic approach that will support your business and professional goals. If you want to learn how to use your LinkedIn profile effectively, or you’re new to LinkedIn and want to explore the benefits, this course is for you.


This course was designed for: 

This LinkedIn course is geared to service/knowledge professionals and small business owners who are based in Canada & the US. Past clients have included coaches, consultants, health professionals, authors, artists, realtors, interior designers, and marketing professionals. Social media community managers and virtual assistants are welcome.


Course Objectives:

By the end of this course you’ll be able to…

Use LinkedIn to support your business goals – and be able to communicate this to your admin person or social media assistant if you want to delegate

Develop a respectable LinkedIn profile that will help you grow your network, build credibility & help connect you with opportunity

Navigate the LinkedIn platform with confidence

Adjust your privacy settings on LinkedIn – including having some control of who you engage with on the platform

Find & build relationships with the right people 

Build your connections/network on LinkedIn

Find & network in LinkedIn groups & events using best practices

Share updates, and write articles to help increase the visibility of your business, products or services

Manage the time you spend on LinkedIn

Evaluate the success of your LinkedIn marketing efforts 


Course Cost – $500 CAD – 4-week course:

  • 4 x 2-hour sessions – live every week for 4 weeks
  • Call recordings of all sessions – access to the recordings for 3 months – more time available on request
  • Copy of the presentation slides for each session (pdf documents)
  • 4 x Informal Question & Answer sessions – live every Friday for 4 weeks – questions will be answered on a first come, first served basis
  • Private LinkedIn Group to ask questions anytime – Questions answered within 24 hours
  • Course time commitment 16 hours total over one month – 8 hours in class (2 hours/week) + 8 hours to complete action steps (2 hours/week for homework) outside of the course
  • Discount on private training sessions if purchased with a course – up to 2 sessions may be purchased at a discounted rate. Private training sessions must be used within 3 months of taking the course, or a refund will be provided.
  • 30-day (from the start of the course), 100% satisfaction guarantee – If you don’t find the course valuable I will give you a full refund. I will ask for your feedback, so I can make course improvements.


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Business Networking on LinkedIn – Course Outline:

Session #1 – We’ll cover:

✔ What is LinkedIn, who uses it (demographics) & why (business purpose)?

✔ How to use LinkedIn to support your business & professional goals

✔ Profiles vs. Groups vs. Pages – Pros & cons

✔ How to set up your LinkedIn profile for success & why this is important – including how to edit your profile, and NEW features of profiles

✔ LinkedIn Professional Community Policies – avoid getting your account disabled or shut down

✔ Tour of LinkedIn – How to explore the platform on desktop & the mobile app


Session #2 – We’ll cover:

✔ How to build your network on LinkedIn – Who should you connect with?

✔ How to engage with people to build relationships – best practices & mistakes to avoid

✔ Best practices for sending private messages on LinkedIn

✔ How to build credibility on LinkedIn – including how to build your Recommendations (testimonials) on your profile

✔ Privacy settings – understanding and taking control of what others can see, or how they can engage with you

Tips for time management


Session #3 – We’ll cover:

✔ How to increase your visibility on LinkedIn

✔ What to share on LinkedIn!?! How often to share?

✔ How to share an update (post) on LinkedIn

✔ How to optimize your posts – including how to write captions & use hashtags

✔ How to write an article on LinkedIn (blogging or publishing on your LinkedIn profile)

Understanding LinkedIn’s Home Feed algorithm so you can use it to your advantage

Where to see your statistics for your LinkedIn posts or articles i.e. Is your content getting views & engagement?

✔ 3rd party tools you can use to schedule LinkedIn updates (posts) for the future


Session #4 – We’ll cover:

✔ Feedback on your LinkedIn profiles

✔ How to find & join relevant LinkedIn groups, and best practices for networking in groups

✔ NEW: LinkedIn Events – How to network with others in an existing event, or how to create your own public or private events to get exposure

✔ NEW: LinkedIn Live Video! NOTE: This feature may not available to all accounts yet.

✔ More new features coming soon to LinkedIn

✔ Weekly Maintenance Checklist – What you need to do to keep growing your network & building relationships on LinkedIn


Technical requirements to take this course:

Calls will be held using Zoom video conference calling – you’ll need a computer with a microphone & a web camera (most modern laptops have this built in) – You will need to install the free Zoom app on your computer (similar to Skype) – you can download it here: 

Good internet access – standard high speed wi-fi 

You must have a LinkedIn profile set up, and have the LinkedIn app installed on your smartphone before the course begins. 

A second computer monitor would be nice to have but is not required – if you have one computer screen, there will be times you’ll need to switch back & forth between your Zoom screen & your internet browser.


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